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Silver Platter


Silver Platter

(as seen in NYLON Magazine!)


Clear, vinyl, metal suds, 24 hand sewn Swarovski Crystals and embroidered top stitch edge




Pharoh's Wheet


Pharoh's Wheel

Mixed metal chain, metallic silver beads, alabaster beads and over 50 faux pearls




Come Fly With Me


Come Fly With Me

Hand painted authentic Quartz beads on metal wire to hold the shape




Licorice Twists


Licorice Twists

Multicolor dyed Jade beads twisted and held by a mixed etal matte gold chain




Pulled Taffy


Pulled Taffy

Various shades of crepe back silk, braided and hand sewn together with faux pearls and Swarovski Crstal






Lolli POP

Cluster of emerald glass beads, dyed jade beads, double link matte mixed metal gold chain, grape glass pearls, turquoise stone chain and Swarovski Crystal




Mary Goes Round


Mary Goes Round

Black chain, mixed metal gold chain and glass pearl hand crafted chain links




Fruit Chew


Fruit Chew

Cluster of lemon custard glass beads, glass pearls, heavy mixed metal gold chain with floral beads and dyed jade accents that dangle from a mixed metal silver chain




Dough Knot



Soft rope, dyed Jade beads, woven twine beads and two large Swarovski Crystals





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